Good Morning Mix: Stream ZHU’s climactic Lollapalooza Argentina setZhu

Good Morning Mix: Stream ZHU’s climactic Lollapalooza Argentina set

ZHU recently stopped by Lollapalooza Argentina to spin his signature brand of dark sonic magic. A tantalizing blend of catalog staples and newer releases alike, ZHU’s set opens with the producer’s breathy live rendition of ZHU classic, “In The Morning.” ZHU glides from one track to the next, with an atmospheric fluidity aided offset by the texture of the live instrumentation that guides the performance. Rugged guitar riffs provide contrast to the smooth tone of a saxophone, while rhythmic synth work lends a punchy sultriness to the showing.

ZHU’s set indulges the electronic envelope pusher’s shadowy mystique in its early inclusion cuts from his Ringo’s Desert saga, like “Desert Woman,” and “Save Me.” The idiosyncratic, crepuscular groove characteristic of ZHU’s sound grows increasingly potent as the set progresses, with Just A Gent‘s remix of ZHU’s own “Superfriends,” and a deep flip of “Working For It.” ZHU effortlessly interweaves sonic sleekness with more gritty trappings, the tail-end of the set a heavy hitting finale to the refined affair.

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