Watch the beautifully shot visual for Avicii’s ‘Tough Love’Avicii Live With Guitar

Watch the beautifully shot visual for Avicii’s ‘Tough Love’

Avicii has left us with a forthcoming posthumous album that’s shaping up to be defined by its versatility and diversity thanks to the stark difference between the first two singles released from the LP, due later this summer. TIM’s second single, “Tough Love,” showcases Bergling tapping into eastern influences, equipping the track with Indian-inspired instrumentals following his experiences traveling through the country, and now the song has an equally gripping visual accompaniment.

The “Tough Love” music video centers around the idea of a duet in stride. In Bergling’s original notes about the track, he wrote, “This one needs to be a duet. Coolest thing would be a real couple. Or a couple that have worked together enough to be almost considered a couple!” Based on the obvious chemistry between the video’s protagonists, Avicii’s vision for the track certainly came to life.

The music video centers in on a male and female dancer, who mirror each other’s dancing from across one another in the middle of a rock formation alongside the sea. The tension between the two builds as the video continues on and by the end of the video a larger group of dancers appear and join the couple. Watch the “Tough Love” visual below.

Photo by Sean Eriksson

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