Cheat Codes’ ‘I Feel Ya’ music video is a sultry technicolor affair [Watch]Unnamed 16 E1614230781502

Cheat Codes’ ‘I Feel Ya’ music video is a sultry technicolor affair [Watch]

While nothing in life may be certain, odds are the production in question will emanate some serious mainstream appeal if it bears the Cheat Codes¬†¬†stamp. The electronic trio, comprised of Prince$$ Rosie, Trevor Dahl, and Matthew Russell, have shown their fingers to be planted ever so firmly–and ever so consistently–on the pulse of dynamic dance sound in their series of standalone singles, all of which collaboratively underscore the group’s sonic versatility. While Cheat Codes’ Afrojack feature, “Ferrari,” took the triple-threat entity into trap territory, the Demi Lovato-assisted “No Promises” flaunted Cheat Codes’ acute ear for a smoothly constructed pop-electronic hybrid well suited for radio play.

Cheat Codes turned the tables again on their listeners when they went house alongside Kaskade on “Be The One.” The collaboration was further evidence of Cheat Codes’ ability to work in and across a range of musical styles. Not long thereafter, Cheat Codes forayed further into the house subgenre on “I Feel Ya.” Featuring Ina Wroldsen, the single stepped away from the momentous mounts and descents that have come to be hallmarks of a Cheat Codes, as audible on “Be The One.” The Wroldsen vocalized cut slipped into a smoother, sultrier brand of house as it contrasted the polish of Wroldsen’s voice with deep pops of bass.

Now, Cheat Codes complement the track with an accompanying visual that plays with framing and color to create a distinctive sense of visual flair. The music video cuts from shots of Wroldsen to the members of Cheat Codes themselves, as all parties dance in a carefree fashion that fits the attitude of the tune.

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