What So Not and Diablo – OOGAHDAM!What So Not

What So Not and Diablo – OOGAHDAM!

What So Not has gone outside of his usual creative aesthetic with Diablo for a brand new collaboration, “OOGAHDAM!” The two have both done something completely different for this production, defying expectation with a heady drum ‘n’ bass tune. Its instrumentation is robotic and futuristic in tone, implying inspiration from other greats in this arena like Pendulum. Well-placed vocal samples add an infectious and urban-inspired edge to the finished product. Though this single is far different than one might assume from these two collaborators, their willingness to step completely out of their proverbial boxes is commendable—and speaks to their abilities as producers. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this from both parties in the coming months.

“For me 2019 is about being free and spontaneous. It’s getting back to: This feels right for this moment. Let’s put it out in the world now,” explained What So Not about the release.

“OOGAHDAM!” is out now via Mad Decent and Sweat It Out.

Photo Credit: Alex Abaunza

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