Four Tet releases latest ethereal single, ‘Dreamer’37 1

Four Tet releases latest ethereal single, ‘Dreamer’

Kieran Hebden—who has gone by various titles throughout his career including Percussions, KH, and of course, Four Tet—just released his latest single, “Dreamer.”

As everyone has come to expect from Hebden, this latest track effortlessly combines elements of numerous genres into a succinct and whimsical whole. House music, garage, ambient, Latin and so many others swirl around in a way that only makes sense to Hebden, and through him, makes sense to everyone else.

“Dreamer” is Four Tet’s third single of 2019, following “Only Human” and “Teenage Birdsong.” There is no indication at this point whether these singles are leading up to a new album just yet. This single also comes out on the heels of Hebden’s Warehouse Project lineup release which features a roster as diverse as his discography that includes a back-to-back performance alongside Skrillex, performances by Diplo, Goldie, DJ Champion, Daphni and more.

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