The Radar 124: Mixed by AvisionAvision Press Shot

The Radar 124: Mixed by Avision

New York boasts a long line of underground dance music pioneers, and Avision is one of the new generation carrying the city’s high reputation into the future. A cousin of the well-established Victor Calderone, Avision’s love affair with house and techno began at a young age and has since blossomed into a comfortable career that sees him travelling the world with his sounds. Not to mention, he’s become a new darling of Adam Beyer’s iconic Drumcode, where he’ll be releasing a single on the next edition of its A-Sides compilation.

Prior to A-Sides, Avision lands on Alan Fitzpatrick‘s We Are The Brave for a blistering new EP, This Way (order here). It captures the explosive sound Avision has become known for, and the uncompromising aesthetic of We Are The Brave as a label. With such a heavy slate of releases ahead and astronomical success over the past year, we’ve chosen to highlight him as Dancing Astronaut‘s latest Radar artist. Listen for a taste of This Way inside his mix, and catch him at Boston’s Bijou club on August 30.

Photo courtesy of Avision

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