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Andrew Bayer shares return to club sound with new EP, ‘Parallels’

Equipped with an unwavering poignancy in production that has earned him both credits on work of trance titans Above & Beyond and status as a leading boundary-pushing artist, Andrew Bayer returns to deliver his latest EP, Parallels.

Inspired by his origins in analog club sounds, Parallels encompasses the Anjuna heavyweight’s desire to not only reconnect with his previous propensities, but also reinvent them into new heights. The arrival of the double-sided LP was preceded by singles “True Feelin” and “Bottle Top Trance.” Spurred by an artistic exploration in his riveting take on indie-electronic through his third LP, In My Last Life, Bayer and his new foray into the familiar territory of club-minded trance shine through as compelling as ever in Parallels.

Title and opening track “Parallels” begins the EP with an illustrative depiction of Bayer’s storytelling capabilities—weaving through soundscapes and integrating genre elements that bring listeners into a multi-dimensional auditory journey of its own. Bayer leverages patience as he unfolds “Parallels” in a nearly 12-minute track that ultimately results in a huge payoff. Playing with progressive layers of electrifying synths, daunting minor chords, and hard-hitting snares, the track pays homage to analog sounds before shifting euphorically into a masterful showcase of melodic trance at its highest feelings.

New track “Voltage Control” also follows in similar pursuit of progressive builds, but carries a playful character that manifests in its cascading waves of top lines and accelerating energy. Mixing perfection allows each track to bleed into one another, allowing for Bayer’s delivery of a cohesive club trance package in all its nuances.

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