Arty delivers another infectious progressive release, ‘Daydreams,’ featuring Cimo FränkelARTY Press Shot

Arty delivers another infectious progressive release, ‘Daydreams,’ featuring Cimo Fränkel

Arty marks his return to Armada, and thus the return of his feel-good progressive sound, with newest single “Daydreams” featuring Cimo Fränkel. Fränkel, who previously co-wrote Cheat Codes and Kriss Kross Amsterdam’s “Sex,” has smooth vocals that keep the listener wanting more, ultimately making the release radio-worthy to its core.

“Daydreams” is an example of Arty’s production at its finest, with a euphoric, progressive drop mixed with a polarizing vocal. The track induces dancing from the outset, and it features an upbeat and infectious energy that captivates the listener to their core from the track’s first note. Those who listen closely to “Daydreams” will detect the acoustic core that the artists shaped the release from.

“Cimo and Rik sent me the demo of the song last year and I fell in love with it,” Arty says of the song in a press release. “We spent a lot of time going back and forth with different ideas for lyrics and melodies and finally found the sweet spot where the song feels euphoric but still keeps its organic beauty. Cimo and Rik are extremely gifted songwriters and I’m beyond grateful to be able to work with them on this song and many other songs we’re working on together right now.”

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