Dillon Francis adds his saucy signature to Saweetie’s ‘My Type’Dillon Francis Gerald Rave Jungle

Dillon Francis adds his saucy signature to Saweetie’s ‘My Type’

The promise of big beats and an off-the-wall vocal was too seductive for Dillon Francis to keep his hands off. Fresh from the first wave of his new EP series, Magic Is Real, the gifted goofball and IDGAFOS label head was tapped for an official remix of Saweetie’s new single, “My Type.”

It should come with no additional surprise that the LA producer dosed the track with his signature, ultra-potent moombahton flair. The remix touts thunderous horns and walloping beats, which prelude a whistling winded melody. Saweetie’s salaciously irreverent rapping stands as swimming complement to Francis’s perpetually playful production (see: alarm clock sample—nice).

The artist has been toiling away in the studio this year, with not only a four-tracker from earlier this month, but a sundry of other singles bearing the Dillon Francis earmark. He’s scheduled to perform at New York City’s infamous Avant Gardner tomorrow night.

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