LA Rams borrow RL Grime’s ‘Pressure’ for promo video [Watch]RL Grime Fb

LA Rams borrow RL Grime’s ‘Pressure’ for promo video [Watch]

The Los Angeles Rams have released a promotional video featuring EDM’s torrential trap titan, RL Grime’s track “Pressure” from his NOVA album of last year.

The grabbing sequence, dubbed “Bring the Pressure,” features a number of shots from across the LA area, the team’s recently reinstated home turf. As the intensity of the song builds, commentary from great Rams moments overlays the track. It’s the bleeding embodiment of a of a hype video—playing a swimming visual accompaniment to Grime’s explosive aural aesthetic.

Check out the video below; and with Halloween fast-approaching, keep an eye out for RL Grime’s eighth edition of his annual spooky mix series.

Featured Photo: @Rl Grime/Facebook

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