Codeko creates club-ready Charlie Puth remixCodeko Press Shot

Codeko creates club-ready Charlie Puth remix

Codeko is accomplished at producing feel-good pop crossover tunes that have distinctive progressive house drops woven into the commercial fabric of the songs. The producer has now been tasked with putting his spin on pop idol Charlie Puth‘s recent single, “Mother,” and his take on the release is a worthy continuation of the producer’s stellar roster of releases.

Codeko adds subtle electronic layers to the introduction of the track, letting Puth’s vocals remain the draw of the release. As the chorus nears, the energy amplifies and Codeko synthesizes and cuts up Puth’s vocals to create a progressive house drop that maintains hints of Puth’s original release. While “Mother” is a pop track in its original form, Codeko has created a club-worthy release with his take on the single.

Codeko is currently support for Audien‘s Escapism tour, and fans can catch them here.

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