i_o offers Armin van Buuren’s ‘Mr. Navigator’ a kinetic reworkI O Performance Photo In The Dark

i_o offers Armin van Buuren’s ‘Mr. Navigator’ a kinetic rework

A singular stream of i_o‘s remix of “Mr. Navigator” reveals one truth: i_o has left nothing in his meticulous composition up to cruise control. The producer injects Armin van Buuren’s pumping, main stage-destined original with a high dose of intoxicating underground allure.

i_o’s revamp is intensive. The tech-trance classification of van Buuren’s track still applies to i_o’s stimulating revision, but nearly all else—excluding Tempo Giusto’s distinguishing vocal—is new. The crown jewel of i_o’s editing is the beat, which pointedly and precisely pounds from the very first second of the producer’s take. Best buckle up.

The tantalizing character of i_o’s submission deepens with atmospheric flushes of synths that fade in and out with fury. Breathing and beeping samples contribute to the mau5trap native’s cinematic, sonic drama, which unfolds for a near six minutes. If i_o hadn’t powerfully asserted the magnetic force of his aural design within the electronic purview, he certainly does so now with “Mr. Navigator (i_o Remix).”

Photo Credit: Facebook / i_o

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