Stream Mura Masa’s sophomore album, ‘R.Y.C.’Mura Masa

Stream Mura Masa’s sophomore album, ‘R.Y.C.’

Mura Masa has delivered his long-awaited second studio album, R.Y.C. The follow-up to his highly-applauded 2017 debut LP Mura Masa, the new project embodies the producer’s divergence away from electronic stylings and subsequent lean into the nostalgic core remembrances of his guitar roots. Recruiting the likes of Clairo, slowthai, Georgia, and more, the Grammy-winning artist trades in synths and beats for guitar and drums in a pivot to indie and punk sounds.

“I wanted to write an album about nostalgia, and noticing that people my age are very heavily reliant on throwback things. #tbt, ‘you’re not a nineties kid you don’t remember this’, every film now is a reboot…we’re caught in this weird era where, because of what’s happened with digital integration, nothing is over anymore. It just gets recycled, and exists in some cloud server forever. I think it’s given us a real sense of cultural and shared nostalgia, and I wanted to explore that,” stated Mura Masa in an interview.

Short for “Raw Youth Collage”, R.Y.C. presents an 11-track introspective journey through generational lamenting and pains that reflect Mura Masa’s desire to defy the expectations drawn out for him as a dance music artist. Preceded by singles “Live Like We’re Dancing“, “Teenage Headache Dreams“, and “Deal Wiv It“, the 23-year old’s sophomore album comes as an exploration into new thematic and sonic territory and revisit to the past.

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