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Wax Motif shares 20-minute version of new Diddy-guested single, ‘Divided Souls’

Danny Chien just called his own bluff.

Chien’s artist moniker is Wax Motif, and he just proved he is up to Diddy‘s standard of good DJs via the new 20-minute version of their new collaborative record, “Divided Souls.”

On this groove-heavy house track, Diddy, the hip-hop luminary, praises DJs, “that ain’t afraid to play the twenty-minute versions. The DJs that got patience,” while denouncing DJs who would rather play four-minute versions in a profanity-laced tirade.

Upon release, this gripe was no doubt intended to be construed sardonically as the original mix of “Dived Souls” clocked in at 6:40 with its radio edit coming in at 3:29. Neither even a third of the way to the celebrated 20 minutes.

However, Chien quickly made it clear that he approbated Diddy’s claims in full by releasing the 20-minute version of “Divided Souls.”

Even for “the two motherfuckers that understand [20-minute versions],” once again according to Diddy, to keep a house or techno track interesting for over 20-minutes is quite the challenge for the producer. The genre is already so repetitive by nature. It has to take more than just copying and pasting in the DAW.

In this case, Chien maintains the listener’s captivation with two key-factors: the groove and, of course, Diddy’s lovable tirade.

Chien’s hard-hitting, motion inducing groove is what caught the ear of the people just at the end of the decade. Paired with an extended display of constructed transitions, it coasts along evenly and effectively as Diddy’s words are now spread over the multiple new minutes.

Each closing word from Diddy is like the cliffhanger before next week’s episode. After the series finale at the end of the track, the aforementioned “two motherfuckers” will increase drastically as this is the version everyone should want to hear on the dancefloor.

Photo credit: Oh Dag Yo

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