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Mikey Lion releases Paris Hilton-sampled ‘I Feel High’ EP

I Feel High not only marks Mikey Lion‘s first release of the new decade, but also a new, matured sonic direction for the producer and Desert Hearts co-founder. This can be heard in the EP’s minimalistic title opener, which relies on its heady bassline and recurrent drum patterns to create impact. Experimentalism seemed to take precendence in this piece. While the Paris Hilton-sampled “That’s Hot” is higher in energy and frills, it remains nuanced overall and built for a superclub terrace.

Mikey’s EP is the third installment of the Road To Desert Hearts series, which sees each of the core festival founders bearing fruit of their studio efforts ahead of the flagship event in April. Prior to I Feel High, Lee Reynolds and Memo Rex released Long Weekend, while Porky kicked off the series alongside Mitch Dodge.

Order a copy of ‘I Feel High’ here

Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

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