The Avalanches have finished recording their third albumTheAvalanches CharlesDennington

The Avalanches have finished recording their third album

The Avalanches‘ new album is on the horizon. The acclaimed Australian group simultaneously celebrated the fourth anniversary of their 2016 LP Wildflower and revealed they finished recording their forthcoming album. Wildflower and its predecessor Since I Left You cemented the electronic outfit as sampling icons, marking an indelible legacy with their psychedelia-flavored sound. Although no further details have emerged for the impending project, anticipation hits an all-time high for the acclaimed act’s third studio album.

Earlier this year, The Avalanches delivered new material including two singles, “Running Red Lights” and the Blood Orange-assisted “We Will Always Love You” as well as a back-to-back mix with Jamie xx. The tracks are presumed to be appear on the duo’s upcoming LP. Prior, they broke their silence with the release of their remix of The Chemical Brother‘s “Out of Control.”

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