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Boiler Room adds extensive electronic archive to Apple Music

Apple Music makes a serious acquisition this week, adding the esteemed Boiler Room archives to the online streaming service’s already expansive digital collection.

The deal sees Boiler Room adding a collection of 200 live sets to Apple Music, ranging from the grittier productions of the early 2010s to their more recent series of Isolation Sets. Each of the mixes are broken down into individual tracks–a gift for those who tend to dive down the rabbit hole when listening to a standout mix, but what’s more is what this means for streaming royalties. A statement from Boiler Room explains,

“The partnership launches with the common aim to compensate all artists involved in a DJ set. Not only does that mean payment for DJs but crucially also, compensation for the artists, producers and songwriters behind the music in the mix. With 100% of royalties from the streams going to rights holders, this is an initiative we’re immensely proud to be a part of.”

In addition to the massive archive, Boiler Room will also be spearheading a new radio show on Apple Music, highlighting standout mixes from the years and bringing exclusive interviews from the industry’s top tastemakers. Listen to the first episode, including an extended interview with Honey Dijon, and browse Boiler Room’s entire new collection on Apple Music here.

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