Deniz Koyu – Without You (feat. Jess Ball)Deniz Koyu Without You

Deniz Koyu – Without You (feat. Jess Ball)

Deniz Koyu returns with the follow up to his early summer single “Next to You,” with the second part of the story. “Without You” follows the same relationship, but while ‘Next to You’ felt like falling in love, vocalist Jess Ball stirs up the drama of a short-lived couple now separated. Her breathy and soulful vocals are complemented by Koyu’s continued experimentation and production prowess. Ever since he landed on the world stage with early EDM hits, Koyu has been hard to pin down to any one genre. This time is no different. On “Without You,” he flexes his radio-friendly muscles, building a breezy and upbeat bed for Ball’s top line to dig in its pop hooks. But even for a radio-ready bop, the dance groove is distinctively Deniz.

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