Disclosure reflect on sophomore LP: ‘There are parts of it that I cringe at a bit’Disclosure Live Kimmel

Disclosure reflect on sophomore LP: ‘There are parts of it that I cringe at a bit’

Hot off the heels of their widely acclaimed third studio album, ENERGY, Disclosure took a moment to reflect on their 2015 LP, Caracal. Admitting they may have hit the “sophomore slump” after their Grammy-nominated debut album, Settle, two years prior, the younger of the two Lawrence brothers, Howard, told NME in a recent interview,

“I’ve learned a lot from looking back at that record. Musically, there are parts of the album that I cringe at a bit. There are parts that I over-thought and tried a bit too hard to be clever with or something. For this new album, we wanted to let go a bit more.”

Despite Caracal‘s mixed reviews, the elder Lawrence, Guy, is quick to interject, “It took us to fucking Madison Square Garden!” Furthermore, the album also netted the duo their second Grammy nomination, featured guests like Lorde, Miguel, and The Weeknd, while introducing a more R&B-leaning facet to their signature pop/dance crossover appeal.

On ENERGY, the Lawrence brothers bounce back in full force. A looser grip on the production process translated into an evident dose of creative liberation on the pair’s third studio album. Elsewhere in the interview, Guy describes the fight against COVID-19, working with the late Mac Miller on the rapper’s posthumous standout, “Blue World,” and more. Head to NME for the full interview.

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