‘Rave on Time’ with Charlotte de Witte’s new EPCharlotte De Witte Rave On Time E1601041858152

‘Rave on Time’ with Charlotte de Witte’s new EP

Techno queen Charlotte de Witte is back with her third EP of 2020, Rave on Time. The sonic pillars that de Witte built her sound on over the years (thumping bass lines and nimble acid riffs) constitute a majority of the EP with great success.

Vocals subtly appear through the 303s, ranging from hypnotic on “The World Inside” to ominous on “There’s No One Left To Trust.” “Common Era’s” softer synths and choral breakdown offer a well-deserved reprieve from the energy on the project’s earlier inclusions, and it’s on this note that de Witte ends the EP. Overall, Rave on Time sounds like the output of an artist who knows her strengths well, and how to get the most out of them.

Rave on Time has been released via KNTXT Records, de Witte’s personal record label. It is the fourth release from the label in 2020, following EPs from Monoloc, Alignment, and de Witte herself. de Witte teased tracks from Rave on Time at her recent livestream, filmed at Mogren Festival in Montenegro, available here.

Featured image: @MiloSzvicerArtPhotography

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