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Yelle release dark French-pop LP, ‘L’Ère du Verseau’

French band, Yelle, released their fourth studio album, L’Ère du Verseau, which translates to The Age of Aquarius in English. Singer and frontwoman Julie Budet strays from the band’s normally uplifting cadence to rely on a maturation of melancholy and self-reflection which is also prudent in the group’s production led by Jean-François Perrier also known as GrandMarnier.

The album also runs with the French-pop sound the group came to prominence with on the track “Noir,” while running with soca style beats on tracks like “Karaté” and “Peine de mort” with a darker dancehall framework on “Je t’aime encore.” Along with a moodier bass track “Emancipense,” the French-pop duo put forth a well-constructed LP that is worthy of repeated listens. The album was luckily recorded in the days before quarantine back in March, as the “Je t’aime encore” music video was filmed five days before France’s shelter in place ordinance. Listen below.

Featured Image: Paper Mag

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