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Brothers KAYTRANADA, Lou Phelps team up on ‘NIKE SHOE BOX’

KAYTRANADA has once again teamed up with his brother, rapper Lou Phelps, for a punchy new single named “NIKE SHOE BOX” from the latter’s forthcoming Extra Extra! mixtape. The duo has collaborated numerous times in the past, including 2019’s “Cinnamon Toast,” produced by KAYTRANADA, and “Come Inside,” which yielded a KAYTRANADA edit in 2018.

The single is hip-hop to its roots, with Phelps’ rapping providing the driving force of the single. “NIKE SHOE BOX” features a grooving backdrop and synthesized production elements that seamlessly blend to frame the vocals.

Between putting out a variety of originals and an official remix for Dua Lipa, KAYTRANADA has had a busy year, and “NIKE SHOE BOX” only deepens his stock of 2020 offerings. “NIKE SHOE BOX” is out now via Celestial Morals.

Featured image: Max Miechowsk

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