Tchami concocts kinetic ‘Tomorrowland Friendship Mix’ in celebration of ‘Year Zero’Tchami 1

Tchami concocts kinetic ‘Tomorrowland Friendship Mix’ in celebration of ‘Year Zero’

“Less is more,” the idiom says, but Tchami‘s music is notably exempt from this standard. After heading a robust Year Zero rollout, Tchami rubbed shoulders with the One World Radio cohort on October 22 for a “Tomorrowland Friendship Mix” that would further warm up fans, setting the stage for his debut LP’s fateful landing on October 23. Proving a suitable precursor to Year Zero, the mix shuffles through a series of selects that figure on the album, as those who’ve grown versed in Year Zero‘s tracklistings can now attest.

Nimble as ever, Tchami leads a masterclass in future house that is accented by Year Zero derivatives such as “Born Again” and the Gunna-guided “Praise.” Originals from other house exemplars like Chris Lake and Josement also seize some airtime as Tchami shares the wealth in a standout assertion of his sonic prowess. Blissfully, the Tchami content queues are well stocked for the foreseeable future, and when the Parisian powerhouse’s “Friendship Mix” comes to a close, listeners can jet to Year Zero here.

Featured image: Julien Duval

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