Flume’s seminal, self-titled debut LP celebrates eighth anniversary [Stream]Flume Credit Patrick Stevenson 2013 2

Flume’s seminal, self-titled debut LP celebrates eighth anniversary [Stream]

Before he was the globally ubiquitous, one-of-a-kind production force he’s known as today, Flume made a solid first step on his road to superstardom with his debut album in 2012. With hits like “Holdin’ On” and “Sleepless,” Flume’s self-titled record helped move the Aussie from SoundCloud phenomenon to a bona fide star in the rapidly evolving electronic scene of the early 2010s.

In 2012, Flume’s off-kilter and jarringly unique production style shone bright among the crowd, unlike anything many had heard before. The record’s calling card involved combining mainstream electronic sensibilities with skittering and unpredictable sonic elements, most noticeable on tracks like “Stay Close” and record’s opener “Sintra.”

A sophomore album, a Grammy, a mixtape, and countless hits later, Flume’s debut still sounds as fresh and inventive as the day it first dropped. Released at a time when dance music was still figuring out exactly where it would go, Flume will certainly be remembered as a landmark moment that helped guide the genre to new heights.

Featured Image: Patrick Stevenson, 2013

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