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Gryffin makes for a sublime match with Audrey Mika on ‘Safe With Me’

There’s been no deficit of worthwhile surprises from Gryffin to combat the absolute catastrophe that is 2020, from the delivery of his Gravity Live from The Shrine expo to his John Martin tie-up to rekindling his remix operations, and that pattern has no end in sight. Following a completely unprecedented announcement made earlier the week of November 16, Gryffin is officially ruling the lag time between deliveries as short-lived as he partners with Audrey Mika for “Safe With Me.”

Gryffin has enduringly possessed the ability to present music that secures his hallmark nature while simultaneously proving incomparable to anything he’s ever bred. That resolve can be diagnosed within the first few moments of “Safe With Me,” with Gryffin extending his customary practice of pairing a set of tailor-made vocals with his otherworldly acoustics. With the helping hand of Audrey Mika’s comforting lyrics, Gryffin’s latest is incontestably up there amongst his finest, drawing slight flashbacks to his fan-favorite Gravity cut, “Tie Me Down” with Elley Duhé.

Featured image: Julianna Bernstein

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