Blakey  – If I Go (Denis First Remix)Blakey If I Go

Blakey – If I Go (Denis First Remix)

Soak in the wonderfully ethereal and moving work of British pop artist Blakey. The UK newcomer’s brand-new single ‘If I Go‘ is a dreamy electro pop number, full of celestial vibes and delightful melodies. And it’s Denis First’s rendition of the original that builds on Blakey’s universal appeal with a decidedly vibe-y adaptation. A melodic house remix through and through, Denis’s remix bolsters Blakey’s voice and verses with a subtle progressive build and a bouncy breakdown. An easy listen, “If I Go” already had its fair share of sing-a-long worthy hooks, now made more infectious with First’s bustling instrumentals and genre defiant style. This one is an instant hit.

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