Drift away in Cristoph’s enamoring new release, ‘SFB’Cristoph Live IG

Drift away in Cristoph’s enamoring new release, ‘SFB’

Sought after for his highly versatile sound, Cristoph has mastered blending captivating layers with smooth house melodies in his creation of music heard in various dance-imposed environments, from underground clubs to poolside relaxation. Although the juxtaposition is no easy feat, the progressive artist returns with a brand new release that accomplishes in the form of “SFB.”

“SFB” delivers a unique blend of instrumentals and string instruments layered beneath a pulsing house backdrop. Smooth vocal accents keep the listener wanting for more as the energy remains both steady and addicting throughout the production’s runway. “SFB” is out now via Anjunadeep.

Watch the breathtaking visual for “SFB” below.

Featured image: Cristoph/Instagram

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