Weekend Rewind: Relive New Year’s Eve 2014 Flume’s unforgettable SnowGlobe ball dropFlume SonarPub Sonar2016 Leafhopper 001

Weekend Rewind: Relive New Year’s Eve 2014 Flume’s unforgettable SnowGlobe ball drop

With 2020 now firmly in the rearview mirror, music devotees can’t help but imagine what life would be like this past New Year’s Eve without the pandemic looming overhead. In that spirit, we’re revisiting one of the most magical ball drops in festival history—Flume at SnowGlobe 2014.

As the video commences, the audience is introduced with the creeping string instrumental lead-up to Flume’s seminal remix of Disclosure‘s “You & Me.” The second the crowd hears the first note, the energy snowballs into a resplendent mass of beaming smiles and pure euphoria. As the crowd counts down into 2015 and fireworks proudly pop, it’s impossible not to emit the full-body chills that come with most live Flume experiences, especially on such an occasion.

There was something special about New Year’s Eve festivals. There aren’t many things better than ringing in the new year with friends in a musical setting, squeezing out one last serving of with funky basslines and wallowing breaks that send crowds to their knees before the year closes out. Unfortunately, for many across the world, like nearly every other holiday this year, New Year’s Eve came and went on a much smaller scale than usual.

Sitting at home on New Year’s Eve may be deemed as lackluster, but this year it is all the more important to be able to look back on moments shared together, with so many others like this one, with a sense of gratitude and a blind faith that the dance music community may reunite come New Year’s 2021. Watch Flume’s 2014 ball drop below.

Featured image: Sonar Festival

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