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SLANDER, Synymata stand behind seventh Heaven Sent single, ‘When I’m With You’ featuring neverwaves

When SLANDER announced their melodic bass label Heaven Sent in October of 2020, fans of the Los Angeles-based duo knew that they would be in for a tear-inducing, neck-breaking journey like no other. The label’s seventh release “When I’m With You” is another mind-bending twist in that tale.

SLANDER team up with Synymata for this anthem of a release, calling on neverwaves for the single’s heart-wrenching vocals. The song begins slow, with the soft strings of a guitar situated beneath neverwaves’ golden voice and angst-ridden lyrics that level listeners with emotion. “When I’m With You” is a beautiful blend of genres that transcends dance music to evoke a punk rock vibe that fits right in with the break your heart and your neck mantra that SLANDER have consistently preached.

SLANDER continue to be one of the most consistent sources of enthralling originals in dance music. “When I’m With You” follows their glorious first release of 2021, Anywhere” with Au5, shYbeast, and PLYA. The Milwaukee-based producer Synymata looks to be a Heaven Sent staple following his previous release of “Where Does Love Go” with Elle Vee on the label. Notably, Synymata previously worked with SLANDER on a massive remix of “Love Is Gone.” Meanwhile, Los Angeles-based neverwaves, previously know as Dirty Chime, makes his breakthrough debut under his new alias with welcome “angst pop” vocals that we hope to hear more of in the near future.

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