Spotify introduces new mix series, ‘Spotify Mixes’Spotify

Spotify introduces new mix series, ‘Spotify Mixes’

Spotify has expanded upon its “Daily Mix” series with a new curated service, “Spotify Mixes.” The service pulls from the listener’s favorite artists, categorizing special mixes based on genre, artist, and decade. “Spotify Mixes” expands upon the streaming service’s “Daily Mix” playlists, curating songs based on each user’s listening habits as a means to introduce them to new music based on their favorites.

Spotify’s Chief R&D Officer, Gustav Söderström, said,

“There isn’t just one Spotify experience. There are actually more like 345 million different Spotify experiences–one for each listener. Every day, half a trillion events–whether they are searches, listens, likes, or countless other actions–take place on Spotify, powering and guiding our machine learning system. This gives us the ability to drive discovery in a way that audio has never seen before.”

The new service can be found in the Made For You section on each listener’s Spotify profile. The streaming service intends to have each playlist become more personalized over time, based on what users listen to and gravitate toward. The “Spotify Mixes” feature will be available for both Premium and Free listeners.

The rollout of the new feature follows the introduction of high fidelity (HiFi) music streaming in February. HiFi will be introduced to select markets throughout the year as a paid upgrade. The streaming giant additionally launched a new website called Loud & Clear, which aims to introduce transparency regarding artist payouts and royalties.

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