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Cloonee talks coming single, Chris Lake mentorship at CRSSD’s DAY.MVS [Interview]

2017 saw the steepening success of UK producer Cloonee, bolstered by his debut project on Elrow Records, the Estes EP. Fast forward four years, and the burgeoning DJ has records out on world-renowned labels, a stacked summer tour, and an arsenal of tech-house anthems.

In 2020, Cloonee cemented his debut on Chris Lake‘s Black Book Records with “What Ya Want.” As his residency at Tank, a famed tech-house nightclub in Sheffield, England, wound to a close, like other acts in the space, the COVID-19 pandemic sidelined Cloonee. Unable to perform new tunes or “road test” potential IDs, Cloonee did what most artists did: took shelter in the studio, materializing a collection of bulletproof anthems. At the same time, he was concurrently doing what most artists most likely weren’t—becoming tightly involved with Black Book Records spearhead, Chris Lake:

“I’ve been listening to Chris for years and years. He’s just one of those mainstays in dance music who’s just been making good music for decades,” Cloonee attested in an interview with Dancing Astronaut at CRSSD‘s DAY.MVS. “I was kind of nervous to meet him. But he loved all of my music, so there was a mutual respect there for each other…He’s got such a kind heart. The first time we met was in San Diego [on July 4], but we had been talking before.”

Cloonee made his United States debut during the July 4 weekend in the form of an opening set for Lake, performed at Petco Park. The newly associated duo would later take to The Brooklyn Mirage to play two consecutive sold-out shows.

“It’s weird, because the only shows on the tour I’ve done were Petco Park and The Mirage. The Mirage…reminded me more of the UK, just because it was a bit moodier,” Cloonee said when asked to reflect on the two distinctive settings. “There was almost a full thunderstorm on the second night. People were in ponchos and all sorts, it was crazy!”

Cloonee’s popularity in the states seems only to multiple after every show and with each new release. His latest offering, “Holla,” arrived as a Black Book single in July. Within five minutes of receiving the “Holla” audio file via text, Lake replied, “yo I’m gonna sign this one,” Cloonee shared. With “no shortage of music” at the height of his summer tour, Cloonee has had an assortment of originals to pick from when it comes to selecting his next production to go public.

“The next one that’s coming out is one that people have been asking for for like three years. But it’s taken us this long to get permission to use the vocal. And it was a track that was called ‘Hot Stepper,’ but we have to change the name of it to ‘Love You Like That,’ but that’s coming out on September 17,” he told Dancing Astronaut.

Cloonee can be expected to dispense “Love You Like That” at the string of shows succeeding the single’s September 17 due date, and streamers can buy tickets to his upcoming shows here. In the meantime, check out Cloonee’s chops with the following clips from his DAY.MVS 2021 set.

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