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Chris Lake, Grimes turn in long-awaited, ‘A Drug From God’

The hope was that “A Drug From God” wouldn’t make it onto Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of 2022 list, and Chris Lake and Grimes—who goes under the name of her new AI girl group, NPC—have now ensured that for a fact. After the track’s debut during Lake’s Under Reconstruction back-to-back with FISHER this past May with Relentless Beats, house fans have been begging for its release ever since, with the two finally turning in their long-awaited collaboration on Lake’s Black Book Records.

While Grimes’ involvement wasn’t immediately known until she re-shared the now-notorious clip of Lake and FISHER opening their set with the track, the excitement for “A Drug From God” had only exponentially grown in the time since, with Lake explaining that it would’ve been out sooner if not for unforeseen release issues. Grimes sings amid a startling tech-house beat that blends each respective artist’s notorious signatures together. And, if it wasn’t already, the track’s opening line of “money, power, beauty, fame” is now guaranteed to be on-loop in everyone’s minds.

Featured image: Stephen Knight

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