Kumarion’s take on Zeds Dead’s ‘Alive’ stands out on new rework packageKumarion Press

Kumarion’s take on Zeds Dead’s ‘Alive’ stands out on new rework package

Part two of Zeds Dead‘s “Aliveremix package has arrived in full, featuring a grip of well-balanced reworks. Among the second wave of remixes comes Kumarion‘s spin on “Alive,” landing as perhaps one of the strongest cuts of the track to date. Heavily modifying the tempo to pull the song away from its original house-oriented feel, Kumarion proffers a buzzing drum ‘n’ bass treatment while keeping the heartwarming atmosphere of the original work amid the genre swap. The slow-grooving elements found in the single’s original spin remain intact, with Kumarion simply augmenting the track in his own unique way.

The producer shared a bit about the experience with Dancing Astronaut, admitting,

“Remixing Zeds Dead’s ‘Alive’ was one of the most fun tracks I’ve had the pleasure of remixing. MKLA’s ethereal voice paired with the melody gave me a great starting point to give this track a bit of my taste. It was interesting to work on because the track was in the 120-BPM range so I either had to slow it way down or make it way faster in order to make it a drum ‘n’ bass track.”

Kumarion’s “Alive” remix follows his October Deadbeats release, “Aura.” “Haunting” and “Bad” also arrived this year. The rest of the remix package features strong showings from Heimanu, X&G, Rohaan, plumpy, and more. Hear the second crop of “Alive” remixes below.

Featured image: Kumarion/Instagram

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