Must-stream: Louis Futon’s sophomore LP, ‘Couchsurfing’Louis Futon Cr Colin Miller

Must-stream: Louis Futon’s sophomore LP, ‘Couchsurfing’

After an album rollout led by “Ron Burgundy,” “Turn It Up” with Lavance Colley, and double-single, “Re-Up”/”Ameoba,” Louis Futon‘s sophomore album Couchsurfing has hit streaming platforms. Surfacing as Futon’s most free-flowing and eclectic compilation yet, Couchsurfing colorfully fuses electronic with touches of funk, jazz, and soul.

“I’ve always felt like a creative nomad. It’s hard for me to commit to one style because I’m naturally enticed by so many different genres,” Futon reflected on the album’s multi-genre makeup. “I wanted to lean into my creative spontaneity and create a project that not only covers the whole spectrum of sounds I like to make, but also feels connected.”

The 18-track project opens with “Crashing,” a less-than-one-minute introduction that gives way to “Funk Off” and “Ron Burgundy.” Couchsurfing effortlessly lifts listeners’ spirits before diving down into the mellow and full-sounding “Northeast” alongside Portland producer quickly quickly. One thing is for sure: Futon has a knack for keeping fans on their toes while meeting and exceeding any and all expectations. Kick back, relax, and fall into Couchsurfing below.

Featured image: Colin Miller

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