Nurko unwraps early holiday present with orchestral live edit of  ‘Sideways’FE64ykbsA8TeP7

Nurko unwraps early holiday present with orchestral live edit of ‘Sideways’

For those that have had the chance to experience Nurko perform in person this year, there should be no need to explain just how unbelievable his set entrance is. And while we’ve previously made it known more than once, we’ll go ahead and restate it anyway just for fun. “Sideways” was one of our track of the year aspirants from the moment it joined our most-anticipated IDs list a year ago—without anyone even knowing what it sounded like—to the moment it premiered during Nurko’s Park ‘N Rave set to its eventual release day glory back in May ahead of Fallen Embers.

Before one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021 closes the door on a year that’s taken him to new heights—and also before “Hallelujah” with Devon Baldwin on December 17—Nurko chose to gift the orchestral live edit of his masterwork with ILLENIUM and Valerie Broussard just ahead of the holidays with the help of Proximity. “Sideways” is already anthemic in its natural state, but Nurko gives it a cinematic preambles that sends even more chills down the spine whether it’s someone’s first or thousandth listen, also unexpectedly tacking on K-NINE’s crushing dubstep behemoth “Block” at the end to give his live sets the ultimate jumpstart.

Featured image: Bobby Bengal

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