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Moog Music launches new documentary exploring electronic music’s early days

Moog Music has launched a new documentary series detailing the history of electronic music and the scene’s early days. The synthesizer brand’s new project, GIANTS, explores the legacy of some of electronic music’s earliest influencers; the first episode features Herb Deutsch.

Deutsch is best known for co-inventing the Moog Synthesizer alongside Bob Moog in 1964. The product became the first commercial synthesizer and is credited with catalyzing the creation of the analog synthesizer. Richard Teitelbaum, Vladimir Ussachevesky, and Wendy Carlos joined Deutsch, guiding Moog throughout the synthesizer’s creation. Deutsch said in the documentary’s introduction,

“I am very, very proud to have been able to be part of the history of music. I’m unwilling to go around shouting, ‘look at me, I’m a part of the history of music,’ but I do understand that Bob and I are an important part of music history because of that idea has been used in every direction that music can go into.”

The first episode of the docuseries sees Deutsch reflect on his earliest encounters with electronic music and more.

Bernie Krause, Suzanne Ciani, and Daniel Miller (founder of Mute Records) will all join in for episodes of the docuseries. New episodes of GIANTS will be released every four to six weeks via Moog Music’s YouTube channel.

Featured image: Moog Music/Instagram

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