SG Lewis returns with first new music in a year—stream ‘Missing You / Something About Your Love’IMG 6600 E1657210160242

SG Lewis returns with first new music in a year—stream ‘Missing You / Something About Your Love’

In the 17 months separating times and the present moment, SG Lewis has been itinerant. Free from the fetters of the COVID-19 pandemic and its pause on live music programming, during which times was made, the UK import furthered his reach to US audiences with a 2021 North American tour in support of his debut LP, named Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Album of the Year. A bevy of festival bookings followed. From a surprise set at the Do LaB stage at Coachella 2022 to stints at Outside Lands, Holy Ship! Wrecked, and CRSSD, among others, the Brit has swiftly arisen as one of the dance/electronic festival circuit’s must-haves.

In recent months, his social channels have provided a live, behind-the-scenes look at his 2022 touring schedule for those physically on the grounds and virtual spectators alike. And as the more avid members of SG Lewis’ audience are already aware, these peeks into the events circuit have recently been accompanied by gestures to a times follow-up. This storyline continues to be scripted, with no formal details available at present, aside from confirmation of the LP’s existence. In the interim, though, the Dusk, Dark, Dawn, producer continues to make his presence heard and felt both on and off of the dance floor with Missing You / Something About Your Love, a double A-side single that answers his “Paradise Edit” of the Bee Gees’ “More Than A Woman,” released in June of 2021.

SG Lewis’ first new music in a little over a year, Missing You / Something About Your Love is simultaneously fresh and familiar. “Conceptually, it felt like the perfect introduction,” he says of “Missing You.” A “story about temptation and dwindling fear. Your eyes are wandering,” “Missing You” affirms that time remains a sort of playground for Lewis, who, after deftly working with the disco era’s technics on times, masterfully toes ’80s-influenced territory on the twofer’s opening number. With its neon bassline and ’80s new wave panache, “Missing You” is poised to linger in listeners’ minds long after its last second of runtime has expired.

“Something About Your Love” retreats from the ’80s orientation of “Missing You” to lean into ’70s-era, Daft Punk-ian sound. “It’s no secret I’m a massive Daft Punk fan,” Lewis stated, calling “Something About Your Love” the “closest thing” he’s ever made to a tribute to them. “I was listening to Discovery a lot, and there’s a specific technique to it. I chopped up a sample of those ’70s keys and drums. It came together easily. Lyrically, it’s a pure confession of admiration for someone. It’s the perfect contrast to ‘Missing You.'”

Crisp, elastic drum work tumbles with the single’s bright melody and a topline supplied by none other than Lewis himself. A rush of positive emotion, warm sunshine, the wonder that the sight of an unexpected rainbow after steady drizzle elicits; this is what “Something About Your Love” feels like.

Altogether, Missing You / Something About Your Love affirms SG Lewis’ status as a musical auteur with a knack for merging the sounds of earlier decades with today’s sonics in an ever novel, dance floor-facing fashion. Stream the double A-side below.