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Michael Weinstein on towing the line between music and marketing

Michael Alan Weinstein transformed his entire life and career through a trail of well-timed decisions, catapulting him into the ongoing journey as a successful musician and entrepreneur today. At the age of five, he fell in love with classical music, practicing the piano and taking lessons for years to come. While learning classical music, he later learned rock, jazz, and blues music, which he learned by ear, listening to his favorite songs on the radio.

A pianist by craft, he professionally stepped into the world of music in 1990, when he performed in Salzburg, Austria, at “The Sound of Music Palace”, cementing a momentous occasion in his career. After diving into the realms of classical music for years, Weinstein officially released his debut album, “30 Days”, in 2011, which comprised of eight songs and collaborative work between other esteemed artists.

The work for Weinstein didn’t stop there; instead it diversified his pathway and lead him into the world of marketing. Alongside his musical career, Weinstein currently remains CEO of JAM Direct, a marketing agency, and previously was the president of a digital agency owned by Bluewater Media, a major marketing and advertising company based in Florida. With JAM Direct, he received numerous esteemed awards and accolades from 2017 onwards, including the prestigious MarCom Award in 2021, and most recently, the coveted MarCom Gold Award in 2022.

Still honouring his original roots as a musician, he still performs as a pianist and keyboardist with Two Shots of Blue. By early 2019, Weinstein performed as a pianist with Two Shots of Blue at multiple venues across New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.