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Teenage Engineering unveils new pocket-sized synth designed by nine year-old girl

The PO-32 Tonic is the latest Teenage Engineering’s venture into the market of portable production devices as part of its Pocket Operator line. The device’s main draw is its built-in microphone, which users can use to record their own sounds, which they’re then able to export and share with others. PO-32 Tonic also boasts a variety of percussion-centered sounds and audio plugins users can access, contributed by Sonic Charge technology’s Magnus Lidström who’s known for creating high-caliber effects and samples.

In addition to packing a multitude of functions into such a small area, another fascinating aspect of the device is the fact that its interface was designed by Teenage Engineering CEO’s daughter, who is only nine years old. Given the Swedish company’s proclivity for including fun animations on its other product’s, the talented young illustrator proved a perfect pick to design their newest achievement.  Its intricate designs include animals, bar scenes, and more.

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