Martin Solveig to put EDM at forefront of MTV Movie Awards with Sunday performance

After electronic artists blew away the traditional nature of the Grammy Awards, MTV looks to take a page from that book to put EDM at the center of Sunday’s movie awards. The mega-network has enlisted Martin Solveig as the event’s DJ and he will be spinning mash-ups of movie scores from “Jaws,” “Star Wars,” “Pulp Fiction,” and more throughout the show. This news comes around the same time that Solveig has revealed his live orchestral version of “The Night Out,” a creative move that proves his artistry perfect for MTV’s major spotlight.

Sunday night’s show will further pound EDM into the mainstream as publics continue to take on the genres explosion.”Having a house DJ … will add an exciting new layer to the show and is a continuation of our full embrace of the EDM movement,” said Amy Doyle, head of music and talent strategy at MTV. Tune in to the MTV Movie Awards on June 3rd to witness Martin Solveig bring his electro presence to one of the most viewed broadcasts of the year.


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