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Cider Sky – We Are In Love (DVBBS & LOVEHAUS Remix) [Free Download]

With an upcoming collaboration with Swanky Tunes on the Spinnin Records books, one could hardly fault Toronto duo DVBBS for easing up a bit in the lead-up to Miami Music Week. But that’s not the Canadian way! With Ontario overachievers like deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin to live up to, DVBBS has teamed up with LOVEHAUS to remix a laid-back Cider Sky song into a simple yet soaring big-room anthem.

With an understated approach to melodic elements and a compelling pre-drop vocal (“Every color in the world is in your eyes”), this remix was clearly calculated to do Kaskade-like things to female hearts. Nothing wrong with that, of course, and the producers ought to be commended on their effective use of a relatively minimal number of elements in an oft over-cluttered genre. The stripped down ending gets a bit weepy for my tastes, but any DJ worth listening to would have already mixed out by then anyway. DVBBS were generous enough to give this one away free, so pick up a copy on their Facebook page.

Free Download: Facebook

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