Richie Hawtin discusses his plan for ‘Plastikman 2.0’ show at the Guggenheim MuseumRichie Hawtin1

Richie Hawtin discusses his plan for ‘Plastikman 2.0’ show at the Guggenheim Museum

It feels like just yesterday that Women’s Wear Daily broke the news that Richie Hawtin would be playing at the Guggenheim International Gala pre-party, which will take place on November 6th in New York. Today, an interview with the English-Canadian DJ/producer was released, which occurred two weeks ago at ADE. Hawtin discusses how thrilled he is to be playing at the Guggenheim, as he is a fan of both art and architecture. “I’m also a fan of having the chance to do a gig anywhere strange, or which takes you out of the context of the club,” he told the interviewer. Taking electronic music to the heart of where art thrives, a museum, will allow the musician’s minimal techno to reach a different crowd and ultimately, foster a stronger relationship with the genre. In two days, its versatility will be proven through the mind and craft of the world’s most influential techno producer.

Even the most successful get nervous at times, and Hawtin admits that his performance at the Guggenheim will pose some risks. “I guess that’s it though, part of the risk and what’s scary about the project is that I spend so much of my time in clubs that I don’t have to think about what I’m doing when I play those gigs, and probably when I don’t think is actually when it’s at its best. Here I have to think a lot, not only in terms of the preparation, but it’s also going to be quite intense during the show to find my way through a new and different type of performance.”

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