Krewella gear up to finish sophomore album this fallKrewella Lolla

Krewella gear up to finish sophomore album this fall

Krewella took to Lollapalooza this past weekend for a homecoming performance, a monumental appearance from the Chicago-bred trio, telling Billboard “this is probably one of those full-circle nights for us.” Having visited Lollapalooza as attendees during their pre-Wet years, Yasmine admits the gig to be ideal, “couldn’t be any better.” However, that’s not all the Yousaf sisters had to reveal while returning to their stomping grounds of The Windy City. Speaking to Billboard in length, Krewella says their sophomore album is “about 50 percent done.”

“We keep writing songs, and songs we loved two months ago now will never make the album. We’re taking maybe 50 percent of the next four months off to really crank the second album out and focus on it, and try to finish birthing it.”

What is due as the follow up to their debut Get Wet project of 2013, the multi-talented trio of Yasmine, Jahan, and Kris plan to shift gears towards completing the album this fall, but make no mention of a potential release date.

via: Billboard

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