Zomboy unleashes debut full-length LP ‘The Outbreak’ [Album Review]Zomboy Outbreak Lp Artowrk

Zomboy unleashes debut full-length LP ‘The Outbreak’ [Album Review]

Joshua Mellody, best known as the man behind the Zomboy moniker, has established himself as one of the scene’s most promising low-end warriors within the broad spectrum of bass music producers around today. Garnering some serious attention this past year for his harrowing, grusome brand of dubstep, Zomboy’s penetrating sound is deftly represented on his debut full-length release, The Outbreak. And although Zomboy has proven his abilities in the dubstep genre already, he showcases noteworthy proficiencies in other sub-genres found on his latest release. From heavy doses of grumbling drum n’ bass to throbbing electro-house tracks, The Outbreak is a haunting showcase of Zomboy’s unmistakable sound.

The LP opens up with “Nuclear,” a lacerating drum n’ bass cut, that introduces the release in full force. The wiry synth arrangement matched with booming, chaotic drum work is a slight departure from what is expected of Zomboy. Crusing at a quicker tempo than he is known for, the opening track foreshadows the wild ride Zomboy is about to take us on.

“Beast In The Belly” is a hybrid fusion of trap, house, and hip-hop inspired sounds. The tune is a meshing of Zomboy’s distinct, gargling wobble with carefully placed, subtle sample work, complete with two deadly big room breaks. With a genre that had an enormous build in momentum last year, big room has taken a bit of a backseat as of recently, however the track is a refreshing return to the bulking big beat trend with Zomboy’s methodically layered heavy-hitter.

“Survivors,” a collaborative effort with MUST DIE! might be the most praiseworthy accomplishment on the whole record, representing the quintessential Zomboy sound, while reflecting the artist’s laudable growth and development. The tune is a hair-raising return to dubstep’s brightest hour as sirens and pounding drum kicks are fused with grimy, robotic synth arrangements. The elusive tune has existed for some time, becoming a staple in sets by some of the world’s most notable DJs, rightfully earning its place on Mellody’s official debut.

Zomboy covers a lot of ground with his first full-length Never Say Die Records release. The UK bred producer boldly compiles a collection of genre-hopping selections that all stay true to his haunting, sinister sound. And anyone who might have previously said, “dubstep is dead,” may have spoken too soon. Zomboy just unleashed The Outbreak, the infection may have only just begun.

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