DA Premiere: Sweater Beats’ suave new single, ‘Cloud City’Cloud City Sweater Beats

DA Premiere: Sweater Beats’ suave new single, ‘Cloud City’

Sweater Beats is making moves. It’s evident from the first 16 bars of his new original, “Cloud City.” It’s got the mark of a producer who knows what he wants and is taking the steps to achieve it. Like any good intro, it intrigues the ear while foreshadowing big things to come — a theme which could easily be applied to Antonio Cuna’s own career.

When the payoff of the intro finally arrives, it does so in elegant fashion, wielding the kind of panache demonstrated on his recent remixes of Flume and Kastle. It’s a mix of tightly-knit 808 hits, reverb washed cymbals, and expertly controlled square and saw waves. Like previous efforts, it carries a conspicuously regal overtone that has one feeling decisively princely.

“Cloud City” is the lead single off Sweater Beats’ forthcoming EP of the same name, which is due for free release on HW&W on October 28th.

Pre-order a copy here and have the EP sent to you on the day of release.

Check out more of Sweater Beats’ tracks here.

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