Kris Trindl unveils new side project Hunter Square with Mat Devine of Kill HannahKris Trindl

Kris Trindl unveils new side project Hunter Square with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah

While legally, the battle continues to silently brew on between Kris Trindl and his former bandmates Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf, the producer is putting the Krewella chapter behind him and moving on to a new, exciting venture. His swift return to a producer role caught fans off guard with a spontaneous, unexpected release today and, even more surprisingly so, Kris has revealed that his next move forward is yet another group effort. In partnership with former frontman of Kill Hannah Mat Devine and perhaps bonded by a similar band-to-solo journey, the two have adopted a new moniker together – Hunter Square.

Hunter Square’s first debut arrives as a remix of Devine’s own “Falling In Love (Will Kill You)” of his recent solo exploration, Wrongchilde. Fittingly so, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance sets the alternative, punk rock atmosphere with a featured vocal spotlight. The remix dabbles between the original’s melodies and a subtle dub soundscape, a more delicate touch than many have become familiar with from Trindl’s work with Krewella.

While Kris Trindl’s return to producing is both an exciting and refreshing news bit outside of the drama, his Hunter Square debut has left us underwhelmed. Congratulatory nonetheless, we still await the punch we know you’ve got, Kris.

Update: Kris took to his Twitter to explain that while Hunter Square is officially a new undertaking between him and Mat Devine, that his future solo career is still his main focus to come. “Hunter Square is an awesome SIDE PROJECT,” he wrote, before proceeding to share a brief preview of the sound he aims to achieve as a solo artist.


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