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Watch Pierce Fulton’s live performance of ‘Kuaga’

Between it’s impeccable production and melodic overlays, it’s no wonder why “Kuaga” has been so heavily-supported. Since the tune’s inception, “Kuaga” has seen a handful of remixes including a live rendition by Pierce himself. To coincide with the live performance, “Kuaga” now has a music video that features Pierce performing his latest hit. Between his guitar, drum pad, synths and marimba, the Brooklyn-based talent shows us how it’s done — literally. Fans will be pleased to know that this also isn’t the last time Fulton plans on showcasing his talents beyond dance music production. He sat down with us at Dancing Astronaut to confidently proclaim that, “I’m planning on doing a live version for every big single I release in the future and they will cover all sorts of different styles.” He went on to explain that for his next single, we may get to hear a “R2D2-style hip hop” rendition or maybe instead something “super 80’s style.”

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