Listen to Four Tet’s beautiful new album ‘Morning/Evening’Four Tet Morning Evening

Listen to Four Tet’s beautiful new album ‘Morning/Evening’

Four Tet has always been known for his avant-garde approach to production, but the English musician has truly outdone himself with his latest album.

Morning/Evening — released by Hebden in celebration of the summer solstice — follows 2103’s Beautiful Rewind and contains but two songs. More of a concept piece than a traditional LP, each of the album’s two compositions are twenty minutes in length.

The first, “Morning Side,” meanders along like a sun-splattered daydream with the kind of haunting yet incomprehensible vocal lines found on a Sigur Rós record. The second, “Evening Side,” is just as engaging, albeit much softer than the first and more aptly suited for late-night star gazing or existential contemplation.

It’s not the kind of album to grab you off the bat and force itself down your ear canals. Rather, Morning/Evening creeps up on you at a psychedelic pace, slowly consuming your senses until you find yourself lost in its multidimensional space.

In Hebden’s own words, “This music was created on a laptop computer using the Ableton Live software to control and mix VST synthesizers and manipulations of found audio recordings.”

The album will see physical release on July 10.

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