Nicole Moudaber and Skin unveil ‘Breed’ EPNicole Moudaber Press

Nicole Moudaber and Skin unveil ‘Breed’ EP

Nicole Moudaber needs little introduction; the “queen” of techno has built a thriving empire for herself within the electronic music realm, dominating dance floors from Ibiza to LA with her dark, sultry vibes and her MOOD radio shows. Equally renowned is Skin, the lead vocalist from Skunk Anansie whose angst-filled ballads have earned her tour spots with some of the world’s most sought-after bands. Hailing from two different worlds musically, the two icons have come together in one stunning display of power to create their Breed EP.

Kicking off the work on a dark note is “Someone Like You.” Clocking in at eleven minutes, the sultry techno piece certainly doesn’t feel that long. Skin’s eerie vocals along with thumping drums and muffled sound filters effortlessly cause goosebumps upon hitting the eardrums. Considering both women have built a following through the tougher side of music, “Someone Like You” encapsulates the raw, dominant feminine energy that both exude.

Breed’s second track is a more avant-garde tech-house offering. Significantly lighter yet no less exceptional, “You Like This” achieves a near ’80s atmosphere with its retro synth melody and tingly keyboard accents. It’s hard to resist Skin’s direction when she tells you to “shake it.”

Thus far, Skin and Nicole Moudaber have proven to be excellent collaborators, and fans cannot get enough. Luckily, the tracks seems to be only a taste of the full range offered by these artists on their Breed EP. Other tracks from the EP like “These Walls Are Made Of Water” have yet to released.

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