The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Malaa Remix) [Free Download]CFMF Malaa

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Malaa Remix) [Free Download]

The Weeknd‘s chart-topper “Can’t Feel My Face” lends itself to remixes better than possibly any other song released this year. The song’s ubiquity allows instant recognizability in any DJ set, and the steady groove of its original production makes The Weeknd’s vocals easily compatible in an EDM format. By simply raising the track’s tempo to 128 BPM and inserting new synthesis, any producer can create a house remix that will become a cornerstone of their club sets.

Malaa is the latest to capitalize on this trend with this week’s release of “CFMF (feat. The Weeknd)”. Malaa extends the airy pad-laden intro of the original song into a nu disco-inspired bridge before switching gears into one of his signature dark bassline house drops. Malaa’s remix falls short in one regard — it doesn’t evolve from his prior production. The drops of “CFMF” are practically indistinguishable from those of his remix of Tchami’s “After Life.” However, in terms of adding continuity and accessibility to his live sets, his decision to remix the track in this way is sage; And with the current popularity of bassline house and The Weeknd’s original track, his choice to release the track for free is sure to please fans and fellow DJs alike.

Free Download

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